Personal Adsense how to make money using MobileMarket

Wang Jianzhou: today 3G network is China’s large-scale construction, at the same time, a large number of intelligent mobile phone is in training for popularization, so in this case, vigorously develop the application of mobile phone market ripe. Due to the large number of mobile phone users in China, coupled with the high quality of mobile communication networks all over the country, the mobile phone application market will form a very large scale. It is a new development opportunity for all enterprises in the industry chain.

in driving this trend, China Mobile launched the MobileMarket mobile market, today we will be on the line MM is for all types of content and service providers, terminal manufacturers, mobile phone software developers and individual developers, a new platform for all kinds of mobile phone use and all kinds of digital goods based on providing for more than 500 million customers.

everyone noticed the words "above individual developers", the first batch of individual developers has been with China Mobile commissioned third party Shenzhen Wang Zhuo technology contract, all individual developers can through the third party company in cooperation with mm. After the product line sales can still be in accordance with the proportion of 3:7, individual developers get 7 into.

you may not say we do what information, personal webmaster, technical ability is limited, how to develop products? Here I first talk about the current mm mall on business, now including mobile phone software, mobile phone games, mobile phone theme. We can find that, although the mobile phone software and mobile games are more powerful technical support needs to do, but the phone theme is not the same.

we can find the theme of NOKIA and Sony Ericsson, Samsung and other brands of mobile phone software, such as NOKIA theme production software Theme Studio 3. Of course, you make your own through the software, and that is the copyright belongs to you. However, the development of a number of rules, including the provisions of the installation package, we can go to the MM developer community, to learn to learn.

we have been transferred in the Internet industry, in the support of A5, stop doing, learning, discover new things. After contact with mm, I think this is an opportunity, we have a little resources can go to study. Although the popular wireless value-added and money era has passed, the market gradually norms down, we have missed the opportunity, because we are not ready, the opportunity is for people to be prepared to.

3G network era has set sail, the wireless business will be the future direction of development, we are also trying to enter the field of wireless value-added, including on-line mobile phone website, mobile phone and mobile phone game software website and other sites, such as, are in preparation for the MM mall and then slowly contact. Wang Jianzhou wants to make mm mobile phone application store, hope not fart, hope to be able to make enough open, individual developers can really participate in, make a contribution for the wireless network



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