Baidu Baidu union theme promotion commission policy adjustments

      distinguished Baidu affiliate members:

      since September 1, 2007, Baidu union theme promotion commission policy will be adjusted.


      initial theme promotion commission ratio is 50%, then according to the quality of content, flow and your cooperation when many factors and long alliance certification levels increase your commission ratio up to 84%.

      the main updates are:

      1 highest commission rate increased from the original 70% to 84%, an increase of up to.  

      2 new commission policy will no longer simply based on the flow rate of commission decision, but according to the big league your certification level, content quality, cooperation long flow, many factors such as adjustment of commission ratio.

      note: the theme of the promotion of the commission policy upgrade applies to all members, from September 1st onwards, the system will automatically adjust the proportion of members of the commission based on the new policy.


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