Health care website planning ideas

As we all know, more and more Internet users, people’s living standards are getting higher and higher, the demand for health care is getting higher and higher. Health class website traffic is also growing.

but analysis of the current online health portal website, has basically been formed by Sohu, health, health, rest assured 39 120, Sina Kangxi, Xunyi find drug as the first group of sites occupied 90% of the flow of health class. We also can be divided into three categories on the site, health based Sohu health and 39 healthy people, to seek medical treatment mainly assured 120, Xunyi find drug, with professional medical knowledge, pharmaceutical market based Sina kangxi. The doctor assured 120, led by drug seeking treatment, medical treatment sites, is the rapid expansion, the establishment of local sector, to the local medical resources integration in all.

A, positioning. Facing the masses.

two, the operation mode of the website.

1, information content is mainly on the topic of health care, public medical knowledge, special disease etc..

2, service, mainly to provide health and medical services.

three, the website profit pattern

1, advertising, mainly for private hospitals, some characteristic departments etc.. The form includes the page advertisement, the column outsourcing, the search competition rank and so on

4, e-commerce, online mall, merchants can sell online rental shops, can also sell their goods, including education health care products, audio-visual products, Adult supplies etc..

5, is actually another piece, not suitable for the public, but also write in, B2B, provide drugs such as supply and demand information. Research Report on drug market investment.

so personal business from where to start, and all must die. So there’s no entrance? Yes, there are many, but to have the premise that you have professional knowledge. Do not do it all, I do single-minded, a disease to do, do deep do fine, still have a way out.

to my website as an example (a small, feel shy, propaganda) against tuberculosis, www.wintb.>

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