ts founder Yu Wu oral how to do zero loss of enterprise talent

is a topic of concern for entrepreneurs to keep people. Talent is the first driving force for the development of entrepreneurial enterprises. Silicon Valley has a point of view, the first 30 employees of a start-up enterprise determines the success of a business can be the key to a great company. While Yu Wu is precisely a high frequency of personnel mobility, and the high degree of customer relations with the design engineering industry. How is he the lantern like substitutions in the industry under the condition of the opponent, its employees almost zero loss? Let’s see how he rules through insight into good and evil, relying on motivation factor analysis, to find a suitable mechanism to keep people in their company method. In this way, he thought is of great significance to the power of rende. The following is an excerpt share:


for its internal office team photo show

enterprise brain drain, to analyze the reasons behind the loss. Talent problem is just showing the appearance of it, behind the current situation of the industry, the company momentum, management ideas and a series of problems, can not be treated independently. For brain drain, more attention should be paid to the internal cause, the leader is to reflect on where the root causes of the staff to leave. We separately from the internal causes of the brain drain, external factors, the characteristics of the industry to analyze the three aspects of interpretation.

brain drain

look from internal staff turnover generally have the following reasons: the overall trend of the company is not good or no personal progress, material rewards did not meet expectations, dehumanizing management, the company did not honor their commitments on schedule, meet a few bad boss: "/p> etc.

1: the company’s overall development trend and personal development space.

energy-saving, a company must be on the upgrade than one with the decline in the company more attractive. First class staff will see the company’s strategy, leaders of character and ambition, company position in the industry, personal development space and so on factors other than material rewards, this part of people, the value of the company and its future development potential than this substance can get in return. If they themselves are also very good, it is rare to this kind of staff, to cherish.

2, whether the expectation of material rewards

most employees do not have the vision and quality of excellent employees, many people will only focus on immediate interests. Who wants to pay the work to get a better material return, both the environment, but also human nature, this is understandable. But if the competitor with increased material strength can be dug to share who dug customers, may the homogenization of competition in your industry seriously, but also squeezing profit space, this time to maintain more substance than competitors sharing is indeed the most effective way; if the enterprise has been unable to increase profits by squeezing the material to share, indicating that the industry may have a piece of the Red Sea, everyone starts to go up. At this time has come to the market reshuffle timing. I always say a word: shuffle when you have to wash the others, rather than others wash yourself off. So whether it is to find the industry fight to win or die.

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