How to make a successful website original

How can a person be a successful website? This is a question worth considering. My station is right ", is a station not how successful, I talk about this topic may be a little empty talk. Four main points: name, hobbies, opponents, updates.

 : a website name easy to remember; 1: the name of the site in four words.
  2: domain name to be short, control in the 6 words is the best.

two: consider your hobbies.
1: only love you can adhere to.
      Chairman Mao said: a person to do a good thing is not difficult, it is difficult to do good things all one’s life, do not do bad things, borrow and tamper with. It is not difficult for a person to update a website, it is difficult for you to update it every day, so how can we change the difficult things easily? One way. That is love. Because you love, you will not treat him as difficult, you will regard it as a happy thing. The so-called good scholars do not have the meaning of music scholars.
2: only love you can be familiar with what you do.
        you love something, you will learn it, you know much. There is a word from the beginning of their own familiar. Only if you are familiar with this, you will be able to know what others want, what you can give them, so that you can stand up.

three: consider your competitors.
1: the less the better the opponent.
      competitors with little or no competitors are the best. Now a lot of people can create a new term. For example, WEB2.0 put forward a lot of fire site, because they do not have the beginning of the opponent. It’s hard to do so many opponents.
2: there are opponents to consider the issue.
      if there >

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