Several methods to write soft Wen Wangzhuan

yesterday we talked about how to borrow someone else’s traffic as well as how to create a search source, which focuses on what we say today, is soft. The so-called soft Wen, is what you want to express the meaning and key words in an ordinary people do not look like the ad in the article. Let people read this article think that writing is very good, but also to inspire others to search your article in the desire to ambush good keywords. When these two do, then your soft Wen technology has been very cow.

soft Wen in our garbage station publicity, whether the product page propaganda, so that in the future will also need to go to the regular speculation. So this technology must be put in place. Because it will bring you endless flow.

We put the

method to write the soft Wangzhuan is divided into the following categories:

1 original Wangzhuan soft

For example:

bus station announcement the founding introduction of maize area is belong to the original post, when we put the article to each big Wangzhuan forum, people have seen the real experience, is likely to see the corn bus. Because other people as long as we accept the article, it is equal to accept our advertising.

there are some of what is the use of certain products after the feeling of paste, which is commonly seen in the promotion of some cosmetics products Taobao. This is also the soft, write to make this product needs to produce strong interest in this product, thus prompting the rise in sales. Of course, we are also in the same as the previous lesson, as well as the search source. If you take a URL, then you may be directly blocked this post. Only with the search source, this class is very powerful. Push others to search for keywords that you set up, and others will take the initiative to find you, which will bring you profits.

2 software (pseudo original class Wangzhuan on the original article by


no matter what the original article, can be brought into, I still take the bus to corn Wangzhuan forum for example.

example: 10 the most authoritative forum,

1-9 is a regular forum, tenth modified corn bus forum. So that others are concerned about the 1-9 name, will focus on tenth. Because they want to learn some knowledge about how to make money from the Internet and how they make money.

this kind of articles are very simple original, just need you to search, find a higher degree of concern category. Collect some of the relevant industry site, by the way he also compiled into, so the soft Wen will not be deleted.

there are some popular Baidu keyword can be written, such as the recent "Xiao Shenyang" that is very hot ah. We can find some articles to adapt. Then add your own search source. Of course, the introduction of traffic must be related. For example, you do "Xiao Shenyang thanks to the corn after the famous bus," the big corn

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