The year of the rabbit Taobao guest higher road can go far

With the advent of

in 2011 the year of the rabbit, off the 2010 as a member of dogged by bad luck, a heart Wangzhuan industry go forward with great strength and vigour, a lot of emotion, I do Wangzhuan only the Baidu alliance, Google Adsense and other Taobao customers, all kinds of Wangzhuan my contact is not much, but since I did these Wangzhuan industry I think the most, can support myself, and will not hesitate to go on the road is Taobao off. I have a feeling for the out of the ordinary CPS, but also believe that the higher is the future trend of development, in this awesome rabbit year, Taobao guest Wangzhuan road in the end can go far? I have summed up his own opinions.

, a giant competition brings new points to Taobao guest Wangzhuan

network industry knows the competition between giants, Baidu and Taobao’s long-standing competition, Baidu and Tencent competition is gradually increased, Taobao and Tencent competition also bite the big three are in the fight at outrance, erode the market network. The competition between giants will give Taobao bring guest Wangzhuan new focal point, as everyone knows, Baidu in 2010 has blocked Amoy API website, so that a large number of the API station a lot of losses, the same Taobao shield Baidu spider events had swept the whole industry. As for Taobao Taobao products sellers promote passengers, naturally more or less affected, but, on the other hand, but to clean the guest Wangzhuan bring new development, but also promote the whole industry standardization. The API website mostly form content, for users, and not many bright spots available for search engines, many duplicate content become the capture of negative tired, which is most spam, then K off the repeat of the information itself with the search engine design intention, so there is no need for.

put a lot of API site blocked, will let many Tao guest are thinking about how to make the search engine more flexible, love website, so they will go on to do the content, which is consistent with the core search engine requirements, also meet the needs of users. The entire Taobao passenger industry will not be chaotic, a lot of garbage information to be further cleaned up, users can enjoy a cleaner Internet information. As Taobao off the site’s webmaster who will choose a new way to build the site, will also take into account the search engine and user needs, then this site will naturally get better development in the future.

two, online shopping environment urgent need for network promotion channels

          Chinese of online shopping by increasing the size of online shopping market is huge, and every day in Taobao’s huge volume of transactions, while a large number of businesses or small sellers need to promote their products, so Taobao customer nature is their first choice, and as to promote products of Taobao customers, naturally to get further development. 2010, Taobao passenger industry is not standardized, then a few years, the industry will be further standardized, and the degree of competition unprecedented intense >

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