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Beijing on March 30th news, according to foreign media reports, Jon · Gilbert (Jon Gelberg) is a web design, development and marketing company Blue Fountain Media chief content officer, he has recently written about the small shop to get potential customers to trust the way. The following is the full text summary:

people are usually very comfortable shopping on Amazon, iTunes or DELL’s website. Customers know that they can safely submit their credit card information to these big brands, but also know that they can enjoy high-quality customer service on these sites.

but the small shop does not have the advantage of big brands. They must develop a sense of trust in the customer, so that customers can safely shop in them. Consumers to shop at real couples is not worried, because the shop doesn’t seem to have. But they were really worried when they went to the online couple shop.

but you can try to do these things, so that potential customers feel at ease:

1 provides what people want

that sounds pretty basic, but you can’t make money unless you provide a product that meets the needs of the customer, or a special version of a popular product. You need to have a strong product to attract customers from your shop instead of shopping malls.

2 excellent text

if you have a product that people want to buy, you use it to sell it to customers.

online text should be brief, attractive, straightforward. Study of online user behavior shows that people do not want to see a long and minute statement. An outstanding text, you need to let visitors believe that you are a professional shop, typos and bad grammar can not stimulate customer trust.

3 professional photo

don’t skimp on photos. Remember, you need someone who doesn’t know you or your company to put money and credit card information on you. High quality product photos are useful for cultivating trust.

4 video

in many ways, the video on e-commerce sites can promote trust. You can use video to show your products and physical stores. The most important thing is to make your company or shop look humane.

all of this helps to create a sense of comfort that makes people more likely to shop with you.

5 emphasis on customer service

you may do better than the big business is another area of customer service. Small businesses can not ignore the customer, which means you have a customer service phone number, and you also need to fast

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