Personal website in the end should do what kind of advertising

1, pop-up ads: this form of advertising in the integrated portal is most widely used, open the web page at the same time users, pop-up advertising is like a casual visitor to the display screen, plug the brim, only to close the advertisement, can continue to browse the web.

2, floating ad: ghost like ads will never disappear, when browsing the web, along route drift design and floating ad design route is not good will distract the attention of Internet users, affecting the normal reading, the ads in the entrance to account login, must click advertising can make off.

3, spam spam advertising as a bad business etiquette salesman. Advertisers usually use a large number of e-mail addresses (some even buy from the list), and then send the message to the user’s mailbox with a mass mailing software. Think about it, you can turn in the tens of thousands of e-mail messages by email software, and in view of this form of advertising price is very low, more and more advertisers are willing to use this form of advertising, so the first thing is to open the mailbox users to delete those hate spam. Because spam has voice against spam pages of disaster caused by flooding water, more and more advertising.

1, at present, the development of the Internet business is actually still in the primary stage, many traditional companies are not well aware of the network is a comprehensive business platform, not the traditional commerce and e-commerce combined. Over the past few years the crazy stock soared to the current B to B, B to C trading platform, in fact, mainly to the exchange of information, to a greater extent, the network as the fourth media. So, the network advertisement will follow the traditional media model, acquiring the audience’s attention and attention to advertising revenue as the site of the main income pattern, although the portal sites have developed SMS, mail, online games and other new revenue models, however, online advertising revenue still occupy a large proportion of them. Due to the current network bandwidth and software technology constraints, can not achieve high intelligence and low interference network advertisement, so compared with the visual impact of the pop-up ads and floating ads become the mainstream of Internet advertising.

2, by mail advertising cost is very low, in the delivery of mail advertising plus early, because advertising directly to the Internet, do get a higher click rate and response rate, therefore, advertisers put mail advertising value highly, wantonly spread.

3 compared with traditional advertising, online advertising costs are relatively low, pop-up ads and floating ads by dreamwaver, flash, Photoshop software and Java language can be easily realized, some email software >

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