Status quo of domestic advertising alliance profit

a lot of people asked me before, how about advertising alliance? Adsense asked me, they will not buckle the amount of money will be deducted from the customer asked me: do we have to do advertising alliance


to solve these problems once SWJ did not answer, because although I do advertising alliance but do not know how to operate them back, now SWJ due to the company’s strategy deployed by the SEO department to advertising department to take their own so in some practice experience and the Union Ministry to share today, mainly about do not be profitable alliance platform


website alliance profit? SWJ can tell you directly on the domestic market has not really said that our Union began to have no profit, and some are Huyou customers and investors;

why not profitable website alliance? The fundamental problem is the market is not mature, as I do in the SEO market dragons and fishes jumbled together understand the point of fur began to blow to try to make money on the clear water and it was this color to black;

followed by the words above

alliance deduction not

I can say is why formal alliance will be deducted from your this amount? Because it is not necessary, so little money against their reputation or their head screwed up! The SWJ to tell you why Union statistics and statistics of your own sometimes is not the same, in fact, the problem is not in the league, but if you count to the customer! 10 people to download, but there are only 8 statistics to the customer why? Because the 2 IP or delete immediately after downloading and so on, these are considered invalid, customers only see the final number! So many people have said that the union buckle quantity is not in the customer alliance is buckled in the buckle to solve this problem that! A genius is a harmonious market environment;

Adsense advertising alliance? (large sites can consider Baidu union or GG)

I can say advertising alliance is very meaningful, can make money money to promote their own website for small webmaster;

is it necessary for customers to do advertising alliance


I can say that this is still very valuable, the union said the conversion rate and the electricity supplier, the money can be seen to vote out the return, and because of the base of the base station of your promotion is strong;


advertising alliance platform website currently has no real profit, at least a little pocket money webmaster do alliance can make space domain name fee is not a problem, the customer alliance can effectively maximize the brand promotion coverage is very broad, and we can also specify the Darwin alliance you want to put into what type of website this is just up to a very basic service.

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