People network Wang Jianshuo classification of the secondary market is still sleeping

in my opinion, classification is a very efficient business model, which is the core reason classification mode in various countries eventually prosperity, is a low cost, through a unified model to take the market. So it only takes a couple of people to do it, not thousands of people.

now people network team has more than and 60 people, mainly to technical staff, there is no special sales for paid users. Because our price is very cheap for businesses, top, refresh function is starting from 1 dollars or 1 cents, this does not need to drive sales. People network through a very low price, high return, let them in the word of mouth among merchants. This is completely different from other competitors.


and 58 people, and fair pay all businesses, but the business logic behind is not the same. People’s network is the core of the business so that most people can freely publish information on the site, not to do business marketing solutions, although the realization of part of the business. We seem to be Google, Baidu natural search method, the user in the people’s network to see is based on personal information, while some of the location to the merchant. This model is not centered around the promotion of the business model, is to send information and look at the information provided by the platform to think about this point of view, to C2C based.

58 and the market is different, their businesses, through membership fees, the business information to online, through the purchase of information flow so that businesses have the effect.

people in the network, we do not distinguish between individuals and businesses, users can publish any personal information in a hot plate. And the people for your personal information can be retained for a long time, but in 58, the market may soon be submerged in the business information. These differences show that we value the value of information, rather than who pays, who can occupy the main position.

for the release of information, there is a fixed number of posts per month, there is no limit for the individual, but there are restrictions on businesses, so the proportion of people’s personal information network should be much greater than the merchant. Businesses can also be understood, and who would not like to see a business day to send one hundred of the full page. According to the number of posts, the last may become only a few people play, uphold the principle of fairness, everyone has the opportunity, but the opportunity is limited. If you exceed the free release restrictions, you can pay to publish, and each in between 1 to 2. Even the most popular category, a month 20, if you want to send, you can spend two dollars to a release. Can be fair, but also control the quality of information.

at present, the size of the income is not our most important part of the consideration, our profit is the highest in these classified information website. People’s network operating costs are low, but a large amount of users. The people in the online businesses without membership fees, more is to charge through the top posts, refresh this effect.

on the contrary, 58

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