The domain name investment Wangzhuan Research Notes

has nothing else to do, how to study in wangzhuan.

Go to the two famous Adsense nets

during this period: and read some recommended articles, also a little bit of experience, money has not started earning, the first few notes, novice, I hope that the JavaEye master who give advice.

a. Domain name investment

by cybersquatting (corn, this does not mean and FANS), and then improve the people price transfer, called minon. Online is easy to find them by 1 domain name to make millions of classic cases. The most recent event is a thousand oaks high price to buy (now Renren) domain name to combat, the effect I do not say that we know. Legend has it that thousands of people selling Kaixin domain name once earned 300W, do not know is true or false.

through the domain name registration knowledge, I have a little experience:

The most valuable

1 only com, if you want to do the domain name investment, you must register the domain name com, other net, although org is an international domain name, but in fact the org domain name used in a variety of open source organization, such as; net domain name in the network company, but in fact there are few Internet companies really use.Net to go to your own domain name.

CN domain name, also worth investing in the past, because cheap, 1-5 dollars will be able to get registered, and now the country to control the CN domain name, registered too hard, I think there is no need to invest.

2 domain name is valuable, mainly to see whether the domain name is good to remember, not necessarily short. 4 pure domain names that do not make sense are no more valuable than a meaningful long word domain.

a lot of people say that the golden age of domain name investment is over, because the 4 pure letters of the domain name and the composition of the 4 pure digital domain name has been registered. I tried to scan it with a tool. I didn’t scan it anyway. But in fact many people still can make money on the investment domain to the golden age is gone, can catch up with the silver age, the bronze age or sell a domain made enough money every day to buy food money is a kind of ability. This is my goal, ha ha.

3 is actually the most profitable investment domain is waiting for some big company website with the domain name because of the expiration and not timely renewals and fall down, and then go to the registration. It takes a lot of skill, and it’s a lot of money. I’m just an amateur. In fact, personally think this way a little bit of loss RP. Fortunately, many prawns grab the domain name, will be free to the original owner of the domain name, or full can reflect >

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