Who learn Chen Xiangdong to do something with six elements

October 25th, entrepreneur online open class second Education held in Beijing stars drama village, with whom the founder chairman and CEO Chen Xiangdong, Hiroshige Education Group Chairman and general manager Huang Bo 101 long-distance education network to do the theme of sharing, work together with the network founder and founder of Jin Yan shields, college geeks love school education technology founder Wang Jianhong the discussion around online education market, the accumulation of early users concern; in addition to dry cargo share, site link warm-up exercises is to let the audience high turn, full heat.

in the open class, Chen Xiangdong to the participants on the theme of "online education + mouse + cement" course. The following is the speech of dry cargo extraction:


really make some things of the six elements is essential, the first element is the model, second elements are the third elements of strategy, is the team, the fourth elements of your culture, the fifth element is your reward system, sixth elements are executed.

1 mode. In other words, you solve the user what kind of pain points. When you really solve a pain point, it may be said that others may be established; on the contrary, it may not be the case itself. And the pain points found, in a sense, is your business model.


in New Oriental when he is thinking about a topic, who one day will subvert the New Oriental, or who have some business inside a New Oriental will subvert the day, we suddenly saw a scene that one of the training market, we structure the marketing costs accounted for more than 20%, while the management fee plus the rent accounted for more than 20%, while the teacher may take more than 30%. We thought, can put 20% of the cost of marketing can not let go, put 20% of the rent cost is reduced, the teachers get more, this possibility does not exist in


second scenes of pain is that each agency will say what their own system, but which is the best, consumers will be lost. So according to such a pain point, I think through thinking, can not set up such a platform for the company to focus on all the products of the logic of teachers.

2 strategy. The so-called strategy is, how do you do this thing, in other words, what kind of way you build what kind of threshold, and ultimately do this thing. We all know what is called disruptive innovation, there are three definitions, one is the high fees into low fees, second had low fees become free of charge, third is not easy to get into an easy to get. So we think when our strategy, of course there are a lot of content, but I think in fact every one of us on time to say, is how you model, through the differentiated difference competition, and ultimately makes you the threshold is constructed in the.

3 team. In other words, who do you decide to do?. In a sense, it is up to you and what

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