Game companies reached the nternet Banking pioneering new ideas

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the giant game I see, how the virtual currency into the real money game player is actually not too difficult technical means for online platform, full of treasure products the biggest risk is likely to become a game player means of money laundering.

first look at the basic steps of money laundering:

1, need to have two matched the identity of A and B, A is the hands of a large number of money laundering identity, B is the identity of A

2, A selected a commodity, sell at high prices, with the money to buy


3, the A in the hands of the money into a legitimate money white background.

due to the characteristics of online games platform, making online gaming platform is more suitable for money laundering than payment platform.

first of all, it is difficult to determine the value of money laundering. If it is on the payment platform, a commodity is easy to estimate the exact value, such as a value of 5000 yuan of the computer was used to buy the 50 million, so obviously unreasonable. But in the game is different, the game pricing is very subjective, not for people who play the game is not worth a farthing, very valuable for the game with game player. In this way, users of money laundering can be a game props up the price, and then you do not understand the game to cover the nature of money laundering.

secondly, because of the payment method on the game platform is not a real currency but a virtual currency, for people who are not familiar with the game, it is difficult to accurately estimate the specific amount. For example, the creation of a share of the virtual currency to enjoy a call to create a currency, then 10 thousand to enjoy the value of money in the end it may be worth 1 cents, it may be worth $10 million. This article combined with the previous one, you can easily cover the amount of money laundering.

finally, it is difficult to determine the true identity of money laundering. Although many online games require identity card registration account, but because of this policy on the game operators and there is no practical benefits (even worse), so most of the game operators did not seriously implement. Money laundering players can often change the identity of the operation, there is no way to verify.

because of the above characteristics, online games become an excellent tool for money laundering. But there is a drawback online gaming platform, is the virtual currency can not be converted into real money. Because the net swims company profit model, when the game player will be real currency into a virtual currency, it becomes part of the real money gaming operator’s income; if the game player and the virtual currency for real money, is actually on the decrease in operating income, so most of the game operators do not allow the game player exchange.

but this is actually a cover up, there are many ways to bypass the barrier.

approach 1: operators can be privately exchanged with high-end players. Although the game does not change the entrance for ordinary players, but for those who recharge hundreds of thousands or even millions of high-end players, operators can also be allowed in private

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