for one year and three months of Wangzhuan Road

Do Wangzhuan

it has been more than a year, this year did not earn what money, even space costs did not earn back, but let me know Wangzhuan is possible, but as a higher master takes time, need to keep learning and change their thinking, idiom well, thought out decision.


this year and three months, I probably earned 1500 yuan, even I am not to go to work when half of the monthly wages, so do Wangzhuan is not so easy.

got to know Wangzhuan from July 15, 2007, that time is still at work, it is time to get the site, put a GG Adsense, which began collecting the station road, to SEO in the 07 year low, but unfortunately in 2008 Baidu K my site, the first time realize the acquisition brings about the final effect. The station brought me $50 in revenue.

2008 1-3 month what didn’t do, beginning in April registered a new domain name ( to Wangzhuan trip, this choice is not a web site, web site, more content, draw the last collection lessons, this is basically the original article do the website, but the website of the fate is very sad, I started a website in word flow competition SEO data, use a lot of indecent words do stand, the results in the first three months have always been in K, this week included, again next week.

June work contract expires, full-time do stand the day of this period took a lot of keywords to do the site, finally achieved improvement in July, now every IP stable at around 1500, while the income is stable at around $3 a day in August, finally got the first GG Adsense advertising costs $109.13, and later get a.

this is my basic Wangzhuan career, very tired and confused, write this article today, I have to run to the talent market, began the difficult job road, Wangzhuan can not feed me. I hope it’s going to be good friends Wangzhuan bridge thinking.

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