Alternative BOSS Feng Xin venture walk on the road of virtual reality

Abstract: Feng Xin to do is put it down to the threshold can not be lower, you only need to wear special storm mirror, open App intelligent mobile phone, mirror through the optical lens and can realize the users’senses upgrade, the effect of virtual reality can be simple experience of immersion, cost only 99 yuan.


Internet BOSS, Feng Xin is an alternative.

The office of

big two pieces only monotone table, a tea table, decorated with tea, love tea and Feng Xin, employees or visiting guests to sit at the table chatting, talk about things, another table in addition to display several Ling scattered documents, no other.

can say, look at Xiao visited many Internet heavyweights, BOSS, Feng Xin is not only put the computer in the Office (including notebook), or "abnormal" to all the mail, the important documents to print out the assistant to let him review and signature.

is not only a computer, Feng Xin will only use Android mobile phone, never iPhone, the reason is more shocking: a


such an entrepreneur, it is difficult to contact him in the field of competition is highly competitive internet.

in the impetuous Internet circle, Feng Xin rarely seen, Xiao see an interview with Feng Xin recently also in 2011, Feng Xin at that time strongly recommend his video optimization function left key, and this time, Feng Xin is going to talk about Xiao look is the virtual reality is now rising.

virtual reality, which has existed for decades in various forms of technology, because the industrial environment is not mature, there has been no direct to the consumer market, and now the giants around a virtual reality arms race already kicked off, including Samsung, SONY, Google and Oculus are trying to put the virtual reality technology integrated into the games, social networking and mobile platform.

Feng Xin also hopes to put themselves on the virtual reality technology dream reengineering the next storm, this seemingly stupid drop even a little taste of the "copycat" storm mirror become Feng Xin now most concerned about the product, although the Lei mercilessly poured cold water: at best is a toy, but not Feng Xin’s determination.

when the virtual reality encounter singularity approaching

Feng Xin familiar people know that he loves reading, so the point of the young artists of the fan, but recently he is the most studied Book forecast in 2045, computer intelligence will exceed human "near the singularity".

initially "near the singularity" is because of, Feng Xin met a very tangled problem, how to improve the user perception experience storm.

is this book, let Feng Xin think, the era of virtual reality came, and soon, in his own words, read the "singularity approaching" found from >

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