99 alliance formally launched e commerce website Content Alliance

99 alliance formally launched the domestic e-commerce website content alliance


alliance is 99 Shanghai Jiujiu reader Cultural Industrial Co. Ltd. in 2007 set up a new business alliance. The majority of the site owners to join the 99 League, you can have a fully functional, rich content of the online mall, easily experience boss feeling at home.

99 combines the characteristics of advertising alliance alliance and Content Alliance respectively, launched the first domestic integrated advertising alliance and content alliance alliance marketing platform, and uses CPS (Cost Per Sales, based on the actual product sales quantity and amount to convert ad amount of commission payment). As the main site you can according to their needs, or choose the ad code put to the existing site, or configure the two domain of new online shopping mall integrated into the existing site, finally get the high returns provided by me alone. At this stage of the League promotion period, the proportion of the 99 coalition is valid for the amount of the order of 7%, echocardiography is not immediately action.

We have to register the

to try it, the 99 alliance will be your online shop, the choice of the start empty-handed.

I wish you

here, 99 union Caiyuanguangjin, Everything will be fine., business is booming on the upgrade!

on me alone

Shanghai Jiujiu reader Cultural Industrial Co. Ltd. was founded in March 29, 2004. Led by the people’s Literature Publishing House, Xinhua Bookstore, cultural groups, such as the state-owned capital tomorrow publishing house and a famous scholar and writer Yu Qiuyu, famous writer Wu Xiaobo, senior publisher Huang Yuhai et al funded private capital joint venture. The honorary chairman of the company is Mr. Yu Qiuyu, the chairman of the board is Mr. Huang Yuhai. Shanghai Jiujiu reader Cultural Industrial Co., Ltd is a large book distribution enterprises, the company has 99 online bookstore (www.99read.com) "and" 99 reader club ", is committed to building a direct model of membership book publication access. At the same time, the company also through the famous publishing house and the famous writers and scholars, and strive to recommend the publication of the latest, most valuable and well received by the readers of first-class books.

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