Where do we go to the development and breakthrough of personal website

diagram is: where are we going to the development and breakthrough of the personal site panorama. (Lei Lei / photo)

The following is the full text:

we do the webmaster can interest to start to make money can start making money, as the other, guests think, to achieve a certain scale, when the introduction of capital, this time is also the introduction of capital or the introduction of capital?

fine Ke Xing: we for Adsense service, I think the market also in the air we have to get the financing, is also in progress, in the near future will be to announce that I think the money to do not care, I think I do this Yiqifa company also is an alliance, I that is the concept of alliance of industry some of our team 5 uneven in quality, graduate students in serious to do this business, so we pay attention to our brand abnormal, abnormal attention to our integrity, regardless of whether we are financing is not financing, I think our dream will not change, will always give you you do a valuable service company.

anchor: now is Xiongyongpingpai funds into the webmaster of the door, see how this money?

Wang Yi: everyone who want money, but there is a personal webmaster circle, a very important point, I know you are in want of money, this time to at least 7, 8 old friends, VC asked me to pick what, but it is such a feeling and if you want to get money to this problem, I think you can’t, because if it is the next step to doing at this time, found the money really is not enough, want to know what are you doing when there are always people who agree with you, there is always someone with money, money is not really missing. VC inside this circle I do see the financing behavior surprised me, recently I have not thought of how to do this site so much money, 2 years ago, I think I dreamed of so much money, this round of financing is not irrational, there are 2, 30 copies of commercial the plan, which is really well written, if not what things I have and they want to join the staff.

Gao Chunhui: I think this money you really did not want to be good, I think, go to

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