Make a dream Poly Wangzhuan is suitable for novice to full time

Hello everyone: net name dreamer, currently only get together to download a website. Want to discuss a topic with you today: Wangzhuan is suitable for our full-time operation.

today my third, Wangzhuan engaged in more than a year’s time! A project site is too many to count, change and change every sleepless night! Let me remember. The original is so obsessed, so crazy! Now, third, face the graduate looking for work! When I slowly recalled more than a year of hard Wangzhuan life! Let me give up all the other is so not to engage in. Let me courage Wangzhuan is so powerless in the end.

thought, let me have your views on Wangzhuan wish to share with you! Wangzhuan together.

(1) more than a year of Wangzhuan life, although gain some money, but do not have their own core technology and project, so all projects are basically unstable income, or some informal project. One of the reasons is that they do not have the money to do some investment, so the project can not flow, systematic.

(2) Wangzhuan this is actually a very vague concept, when we have seen many search Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forum, into the future is full of advertising. In fact, a part of so many ads are deceptive! Is said to the master, master is beginner Wangzhuan earn money. If the value of those simple Wangzhuan project, so I think they do not belong to the regular project, will not do a long. If we take the website operation to find! This requires more professional! If you want to run a real valuable website, investment is quite large! If it is not what the competitiveness of individual operation basically, if it is to become bigger and stronger, we need team operation. If you want to do more, such as Renren, etc., then you need to intervene in venture capital. These are not what we can not do a small webmaster.

(3) Wangzhuan can be said that the gold in the virtual space, it has advantages and disadvantages, we have to come into contact with the people and things in the process are basically Wangzhuan in the network. Many personal webmaster Wangzhuan or people are basically a dwelling living in their own home, in my opinion, this life is not perfect, on the one hand, our own quality and ability will not have a lot of big increase, more connections can not, on their physical and mental health is a hazard!

(4) Wangzhuan can in fact be part-time. I think we can be used as a second Wangzhuan part-time occupation, do Wangzhuan is more suitable for us! In his work by virtue of their own interests and hobbies to do Wangzhuan, even can not earn much money will not affect your normal life, and will not hinder you from other aspects of high and normal life. Through their own continuous learning, one day will also allow you to earn a lot of part-time money.

through the above analysis, I think "Wangzhuan for us as their own part-time work, every day with a little time part-time to earn money through their own efforts, to find the most suitable for their own Wangzhuan >

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