The secret of making money online

may be a lot of people have seen my published articles, mostly on the Wangzhuan and full of my own experience of Uid=yjkffny did not read can go to see

1, not to learn Wangzhuan

, I believe many of my friends have learned to pay but Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, people I don’t pack 100% cheated, but at least 95% cheated, plenty of online package on how much money, wrote many temptations articles, examples, but were careful not difficult to find that in fact there are loopholes in the package, others a day you earn 100 yuan, three hundred yuan tuition, you said it is possible to flow and novice can learn, what else is there to learn, of course, simply forget, not Wangzhuan, completely is impossible, but if possible, this project is not long, will fail in a short period of time I also received the same apprentice, also received tuition fees, others pay the first time, my project soon finished. Why is not the most ~ because of the higher share, is because of the higher flow method, but a share is equal to share traffic and others, to share the money with others, would you do so?

2, must have a wealth of network knowledge

can you have to find their own, comprehensive network to appear and outdated knowledge, but Wangzhuan is related to the many things, such as domain name, space, exploit, and so many are necessary to understand. If you do not understand these basic then I think you still don’t learn to improve yourself good Wangzhuan, certainly, many people will ask how to improve their own. Here this person, but I still feel that to improve their comprehensive ability personally think that the best way is to learn how to hackers, hackers, hackers operating tutorial, use hacking software and understand the reason, because the comprehensive knowledge is a good hacker.

3, pay attention to careful

for the project is very difficult, but it is not very difficult, if you go to a special project may be ten days a month are hard to find, but you may find a good project in inadvertently, than if you love the use of certain lines of dating sites, one day you suddenly discovered that this large dating site is not perfect, it has some hole leakage can be used, such as message volume, group step and so on, these hole leakage may not need to find, is careful. Careful people may often find a lot of good things, and a lot of useful software.

finally learned in the SEO Admin5 and do a website ( and hope to do a lot of friends stand exchanges, communication is also a way of learning.

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