How to correctly view guest it can bring income for you

launched the Amoy promotion business from, the name of Tao to now is not strange, a lot of people are doing, or are preparing to do so in the end, how to correctly understand the Taobao customer, avoid blind investment, the first analysis is the Tao do not you, it can bring revenue is very important for you? The.

Amoy promotion is as a way to deal for Taobao passenger meter commission income promotion of its own Taobao shops and goods taken, is to pull people to promote its shops and goods. Don’t understand Amoy Ali mother advertised in only a few steps to earn money, but not like the billboard advertising a monthly income of tens of thousands, the reason is very simple, only someone from your link to get a deal, only the Commission, this is not so simple, no guest, pay no income. If you don’t know how to build a website, or no contacts or do not understand the network marketing strategy, in order to make money, from hard to Amoy Amoy! Anyway also is a salesman, or a qualified webmaster, you do not have this ability, it is best not to do, because saw those crazy propaganda how to make money and advocate Amoy Ali mother to blind investment, is not rational. Amoy seems simple, actually not so easy, even if you created a website, your conversion rate is not done well, high flow again, no income, like my Babanu Shopping for Refund network traffic every day is too many, in the low conversion rate, improve the conversion rate and is a branch of knowledge.

so what qualities make money from the guest, I think you must first understand marketing, to make people buy your recommended products, must will induce customers to buy, because this is the network induced less like a reality with your mouth to be able to convince the customer, you will have to write text on the Internet but, your soft Wen psychologically let others accept recognition, finally to be bought. Secondly the Tao do you have to be a qualified webmaster, you have to know the website construction, website promotion, and SEO, you can put some Taobao related keywords do the search engine home page, so you can get a good income in Amoy, if you do not understand this, it is best not to blindly into. When you say I can build a station, and you build is copying others, and others, this method can also be as like as two peas, before June 5th, but after June 5th, sorry, no, Baidu has the highly repetitive content of large-scale seal killed, until not included, so you build this the station will only bother thankless.

so do not see those who advocate guest post on how to make money, ready to, excited, then you must Jingxiaxinlai fundamentally understand what Taobao is off, it is how to make money, you have the ability and do not have this condition, then in action, finally get free hard from morning to night to climb in front of the computer, finally to work without goods, for others to do the volunteer".

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