Dong Jun the use of a single page Taobao monthly income of 10 thousand of the actual combat process

is now a lot of friends to do Taobao customers, the basic is to use Taobao mall to do Taobao off, because many of the mall’s products. There is no pertinence. Well, I do not say nonsense, and I would like to say how I use a single page Taobao guest to achieve monthly income of more than 10000 yuan.

first step: select a product

recommends that you choose health products, such as whitening, weight loss, breast these commissions are relatively high. Up to 50%, Dong Jun is to do weight loss products.

second step: do a single page

you can see my website This is my more than a month ago to do a website, we can do a single page. How do the single page? We can go to the Taobao customer goods for various products, and then sold a single page in the row can top ten, such as I am slimming products, then I will do a slimming product list, if you do is breast enhancement, you can do a breast products list.

third step: site optimization

single page how to do it, we can open my site to see the original code. There are a lot of my original articles, direct use of DIV can hide, pay attention to my keyword density. Very reasonable, so search engine will be serious is original. Some friends may ask, how to update a single page in the domain name can be added in a blog program, can be ZBLOG, it can be WP. Can I use WP. We can site. My site is not only a collection of a Baidu home page. Contains a lot of blog content, so that the search engine will think you are updated every day

fourth step: do even

do not even, I will not say. If you have the resources, of course, the best, if there is no resource can go to buy the connection. General spend two hundred or three hundred to buy connection ranking up. For example, I did a lot of long tail words, such as the most effective weight loss products this is the natural ranking of Baidu first, the word can bring me around 100IP per day. There are some long tail word, every day can also bring some traffic. In short, I stand together every day only 300-500 IP. But you can bring me 10 thousand yuan a month.

more than four steps is relatively simple, as long as you follow my method to do a few thousand dollars a month is still very easy to do. You’re not afraid to perform, if what is the problem with my study and my QQ59276608.

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