Skype announced overseas compensation program provides 7 days free period

  Beijing on August 23rd news, according to foreign media reports, Skype has apologized to users of large-scale fault the network telephone service last week, and promised to provide free service for a period of 7 days of fee for service users, as the fault compensation.

Skype network phone service last week, a large, long failure, many users began to connect from Thursday morning service, until Saturday to return to normal. Skype said that a large number of computers in the world to download the Microsoft Windows routine update after restart, resulting in millions of users almost at the same time trying to log on to the Skype service, which led to the failure. However, Skype had never disclosed Microsoft monthly routine security updates will lead to its service failure, but also did not disclose whether the future release of Microsoft Windows update will cause Skype service failure again.

Skype in a letter sent to the payment of users expressed regret, and that the fault has been completely repaired. Skype will provide Pro, Unlimited, SkypeIn and Voicemail customers a week of free service period, in order to show their goodwill gesture. Due to the low price, many people use Skype instead of long distance calls, contact with friends and family. In this case, reliability is less important. However, there are a number of individuals and businesses believe that Skype has a carrier level stability, they paid the price last week.

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