Worthy of consideration of the seven additional value of advertising skills

in the development of online media plan, do not underestimate the value of advertising, such as text based newsletter advertising and editorial advertisement. This kind of advertising is not a popular concept, but it represents the opportunity to increase advertising.

, for example, I run an ad campaign that includes the purchase of a high CPM with a lot of value added. If we use the average click and conversion rate in digital mode, many sites will not be included in the media plan or be canceled after the first optimization. However, when the average CPC and CPA from a large number of value added text links, buttons, etc., take into account the overall purchase results, these sites will be consistent with the optimization of the promotional activities.

In some cases,

adds value to advertising agencies, distributors and customers. The advertising agency completed its mission to a certain level. Publishers sell their high priced CPM stock, through the sale of unsold stock to avoid losing advertisers. The customer gets the visibility of the brand effect and the value added advertising. Therefore, when discussing the purchase of the media, first check the following 7 value added advertising.

1, fixed location text link. Usually, in each web page at the bottom or side, or a fixed electric newsletter put the text links, they usually include a short sentence or a lot of impressions and click rates.

, text ads based on the newsletter. The newsletter insert do better in general than banner ads based on integrated into the newsletter because of its content, in a few weeks to quickly enhance the flow.

3, button. Buttons usually have a fixed location, sometimes with small text content. It can bring a huge impression rate and enough hits.

4, editorial advertising. If done correctly, this is one of the few tactics that can improve performance. If the editorial style of advertising to promote the article, this placement can be provided. As with print magazines, online editorial ads can be used as "special promotions.".

4, ROS ad. Run more banner ads on the site to help customers get in touch with users. This approach helps to increase the click through rate, since the ad stock is usually huge.

5, RON channel. If the media representative is not on the site you want to buy, ask him to have other sites to complete the task. Many may not be as popular as the site you are targeting, and publishers may want to use high profile advertising to make it popular.

6, joint brand competition. Although this kind of activity will be very expensive, publishers and advertisers will benefit. They can share the list of participants, providing opportunities for participants to choose to receive the newsletter.

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