How to carry out network marketing planning

we are already familiar with the SEO, familiar with the site promotion, but referred to the network marketing planning, most people are still a very hazy concept. Today to share with you a few years of network marketing planning experience:

      first, the network marketing plan for the enterprise and the site to provide what kind of benefits?

      business is the core of marketing, e-commerce is the core of network marketing, want to make their own website to make money, the scientific development of network marketing is very important. However, due to the lack of experience in the majority of enterprises and websites in this area, often take a lot of wrong road, spend a lot of money, wasted a lot of time.

      network marketing planning services to help companies first is: less walk wrong road, spend less money, less waste of time, rapid success!

      through professional network marketing planning system, can help enterprises website or clear their own profit model, to find their own problems, and to solve these problems, then quickly put their business out of the promotion of real money.



The first step of

      marketing diagnosis analysis mainly includes the analysis of the following several parts:
      1, website localization and profit pattern analysis of
      2, website marketing based diagnostic analysis
      3, website search engine optimization analysis and diagnosis of

  design and diagnostic analysis of humanized 4 site;     this step is very important, we summarize the four aspects of the more than and 100 key factors, we will analysis and diagnosis standardization on the website and we can learn all aspects of the existence of a variety of this website problems, and will make a detailed analysis of "network marketing diagnosis report".

      optimization and perfection of the second step, the website:

      to find out the problem, we need to solve the problem, according to the website of the diagnostic analysis report, we have a very detailed.

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