How to make a perfect business plan

Because of the scientific and technological innovation to enhance the economic development of great hope, a variety of media on the risk of investment to give a strong report; secondly, the parties have a lot of interest in venture capital. More and more people are required to invest in venture capital, and a number of enterprises begin to manage the venture capital. In addition, the threshold of listed companies listed on the board of science and technology began to lower, the reorganization of assets of listed companies, began to attract science and technology enterprises. Venture capital has entered a good period of development. Now, the key is to enter the real operation and operation, so that technology companies really get venture capital, so that the real return of investment green.


2 detailed market analysis: have a deep understanding of the target market. Be able to fully understand and forecast the current and potential competitors, understand the market information through various channels and make a comprehensive and detailed analysis.

3 realistic financial projections: make conservative profit objective, realistic and a certain degree of prediction and analysis of application of the above market data.

4; investment recovery clear: resale business to later investors, for the acquisition of other large enterprises, and publicly listed companies to buy back shares.

The management of

needs to be emphasized is that the Vc firm in the audit risk investment application, composition of the entrepreneurs’ quality and management team attaches great importance to. So entrepreneurs in the business planning book must be at the expense of pen and ink. For entrepreneurial enterprises, human resources is the fate of the enterprise;

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