The development of advertising alliance

around 1997, the Internet appears a creative enterprise, called LinkExcgange. Because I brought a lot of personal "the rapid development of network, people just find a large website registered user name can put on their web page, however" done but no publicity channels.

LinkExchange provides a propaganda channel for these personal web sites or webmasters. LinkExchange owners of their own banner advertising (Banner Ads) images uploaded to the group, and then get a set of code on their own personal web page.

this code will be displayed when the page is read by visitors, other personal web page advertising pictures. Your web page shows three ads per person, and your own ad images appear on the page of others. This is the spirit of the link exchange (Link Exchange).

, however, the way the exchange looks strange. I help others to play three times advertising theory should also help others I will even play three times advertising, how will only get one chance? The original, not the advertising opportunities, LinkExchange sold to the real advertisers.

the company was sold to Microsoft for $250 million in 1998. Recently a friend wrote and said there was a new Idea business. A look, found that "Idea" is an unprecedented 10 years ago LinkExchange done, just put the personal web page for Blog.


advertising alliance for Blogger revenue

in the LinkExchange mode, personal web pages (or personal website, or Blog) operator (webmaster, or Blogger) is unable to profit from such an exchange behavior. In contrast, the advertising alliance business model is more direct.

operators to apply to join the advertising alliance, put on their own web page or Blog code, when the page is displayed when the ad. Early in accordance with the number of ads being displayed (CPM) operators can receive advertising into, most of the time is based on the number of ads by the number of points (CPC) to be divided into.

When it comes to advertising alliance operators

, the most heavyweight to count Google Adsense. For people who want to write a little bit of income through Blog, as well as Microsoft AD Center and Yahoo Publisher Network can be expected. But it has not yet officially opened or only in the United states.

however, with the increasing number of personal Blogger, such a market is increasingly imaginative space. In the United States just a search operator, you can find many of the advertising association. Many of them existed 10 years ago

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