When everyone knows it’s a Taobao

today in the forum to see a post, the title is "everyone knows that Taobao customers, Taobao customers will not exist", see this title can not help but we are worried, because you really want to have that day off Taobao does not exist, webmasters may be a no source of income, even the unemployment, Taobao customers feed a large number of people, many people put off when Taobao full-time job, like every day to work as hard, 15 monthly wages on time. It is hard to imagine that if Taobao really does not exist today, the owners will be engaged in what kind of work. Baidu, Google advertising alliance to make money? No traffic, it is difficult to do! The local industry website? There is no economic base, more difficult to do full-time! SEO? Technology is not mature, very difficult! What Taobao will be how to develop? Let us boldly guess.

we don’t be frightened and change color after Taobao, now living well, everyone knows that Taobao customer, do you think it possible? Maybe everyone may know the name "Taobao", but I think everyone may not know what is the Taobao customer, how do you do? Unless Taobao go CCTV to Taobao customers are playing advertising, said Taobao customer is free, everyone can participate in the project to make money online, I am afraid Chinese nobody does not go to Baidu search Taobao customers, who are unable to withstand the temptation of money, want to make more money. In addition, Taobao off relatively many people, there are still some technical content, at least for a certain time to learn, learn the basic web code, learning promotion methods, like I know the first Taobao guest, I only know that Taobao can make money, but I have for a long time not to pay attention to it always think, I can’t play it, think this thing is very far away from me, that I do not understand the technology also do not understand, only playing games, watching movies, until a friend took me personally do Taobao off I know Taobao off in the end how to play; another example of Taobao, estimates of each of the Internet people know that he is more famous than Taobao customers, but to know that many people still have no Taobao bought anything, because some people feel very troublesome, we need to have online banking, online banking has not said, Many people are afraid to buy things in Taobao will be cheated. In the same way, Taobao than Taobao to buy things even harder, it is difficult to make money ideas and methods. Besides, Chinese now has 450 million users, all classes, all ages are more familiar with the network, general office or younger age is, the higher cultural level of Internet users, there are a lot of people just learned how to use the Internet, how could they know Taobao guest.


customers, we conjecture may not be all the people know, or that sentence, even if know, also just know a "Taobao" this name, so we don’t need to worry about now, as an old saying goes "where the mountain which cut firewood, as long as we come up with a positive attitude, try hard to do stand, learning promotion methods, I believe that Taobao off even really to death that day, your website will almost have to feed themselves, do the same transformation will make money.


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