186AD advertising alliance invited owners to join

      186AD ad network is a network focused on the promotion of professional website, which is based on all walks of life to join the object enterprise website and personal website, which allows all members of the alliance to jointly build a global service network through the full integration of resources. It is one of the professional IT companies that provide comprehensive e-commerce consulting and solutions based on online advertising alliance and traditional advertising. For the full range of network advertising to provide advertisers and web site, we will jointly domestic tens of thousands of websites to establish good relations of cooperation, can be customized to the entire network advertising process.

  186AD advertising alliance adhering to the traditional advertising marketing ideas, and the organic combination of the Internet and the creative for the advertisers to provide a new marketing channels  . Through the 186AD advertising alliance platform, advertisers can easily understand the various kinds of accurate advertising statistics, real-time tracking of advertising sites. Allows you to feel the real benefits of advertising.

    186AD; advertising alliance will continue to uphold and develop a solid, practical and innovative spirit, respect for talent, focus on technology, to enable users to enjoy the latest achievements in the development of information technology at the same time to get the maximum benefit, to promote the development of Chinese information industry and e-commerce, make the largest contribution to the 186AD advertising alliance with good credit to promote the rise of the knowledge economy, look forward to growth, together with all members of the association of development and growth!

    our aims and objectives: the pursuit of "innovative Internet services, experience business innovation" business purposes, the pursuit of technology leadership, service leadership, leading mode, the performance of the leading development goals.

our business philosophy: faith, sharing, win-win, create  

achieve win-win, take the road of sustainable development

our features:
1, guaranteed daily pay!
2, billing system integrity and reliable
3, advertising price is high

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