Analysis of Taobao customers make money and do not make money the real reason

today, I went to the forum, there are users to see the forum in question: in 2011 to do Taobao guest also make money? I reply to the post of the user: in 2011 to do Taobao customers can continue to do well. Each big door with us although the small station consists of a cup of soup, but after all, we can promote the goods too much, now the Internet shopping is also increasing, so Taobao customers still have a large space for development. At least the next two or three years Taobao passenger pattern is estimated that there will not be much change. So on the topic of Taobao customers to make money, Qingdao SEO talk about some of their own views.

throughout the two years of all online part-time work, Taobao passenger count is the most awesome, personal webmaster is the most suitable for the operation of the project, it realized Taobao, online merchants, personal webmaster (Taobao off) three win-win good situation, even the Qingdao SEO is now in the operation of Taobao customers at present, every month can be stabilized between 1500-2000 yuan, but also relatively easy, of course, early also pay a lot of effort.

I have several Taobao off site, but now the real money is one, other also occasionally see a little bit of money, but too far, several other stations are almost deserted, so now just take care of a single product of Taobao passenger station. Why do so many Taobao guest site, and finally make money on it? Let me tell you why.

1, not to do big and complete website, do small and special. And refers to the promotion of all commodities, which is a direct API calls all the promotion of goods in sites like Taobao customers, although people feel very full, included also many, we do not need to manually update the contents of the website, the function is very strong, but this is not conducive to a general website ranking website optimization, repetition rate is too high; the second promotion commission is very low, usually less than 1000IP this site is difficult to make money, I now had spent 200 yuan to buy a genuine guest program, a collection of nearly 50 thousand pieces of information, the website for half a year, so far this has not put back. Therefore, suggest that you do not do a comprehensive promotion, only for a single product promotion, or a class of products, select the high price, strong purchasing power to promote, such as: freckle products, to body odor, exfoliating, beriberi and similar products, which products fit, we need to analyze. The best advice is women, health care products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and the like.

2, the website must not pursue, one of the two is enough. My first mistake is to see other products as a commission to build a website, so, finally built three or four single product website, I not only do Taobao customers, there are several other stations, to others to do SEO promotion, so many websites, their limited energy, simply busy, so the the website to do, but do not make money, just a display. I have a friend, he made nearly 20 Taobao customers every single product website, promotion of the high commission products are almost made him lose weight, breast, freckle, acne…… > etc.

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