With the details to seize the user Amoy website operation that thing


did not write anything for a long time, the text is basically back to the teacher. So at this time, or a new look, write about Tao web operations that point thing.

contact Amoy site operating for more than a year before, the weekly meeting organization colleagues to share, but also more to share some of their operational experiences. Methods such as selecting graph (to a large, white, smile), such as channel update (joke with the dynamic update frequency to attract more attention, for example) cool update (Tuiyou, preserving the best site). That are relatively scattered, today make a summary, and the demand for shoes together to study the content operation bit by bit. Welcome to my colleagues Paizhuan, correct some wrong understanding.

a, text followed hot

real time news why people look more and more busy Du Fu why the most popular national wind why popular? I think this is inseparable from the hot effect. People, people are like lively, like a new topic, so a close to the hot content, is to attract users to browse and participate in the most effective way.

so, how to capture the hot? It is actually very simple, hot search list of search engines, the most hot major forum, the classification of the headlines, search hot words the navigation, hot topics, micro-blog search…… There are hot spots, these are the most popular users and keen to participate in the hot.

How to make good use of

hot content? Hot content can be used for chat talk, share in life and everyone around. Hot content can also be used to guide the operation of the work, to know the information to share more users. Users have resonance, naturally slowly recognized your work.

two, punctuation point

many times punctuation can often play a role, an ordinary title, adding a punctuation, immediately become vivid.

, for example: the second grade primary school kids in a sentence, directly to a "uncle yesterday kissed my mother gave me a kiss", just by his father to come back to see, as "uncle yesterday kissed my mom, kissed me, suddenly divorce. In fact, the child said, "yesterday, my uncle kissed me, and my mother kissed me".

a punctuation mark, in the sentence in this role, in the title, also plays a pivotal role. The meaning of a title, after a punctuation mark, a very big change.

operation example:

The title of the

http://s.www.tao123.com/shenghuo/xiaohua/index.html4924 is "well, good elasticity ~", the "~" symbol "

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