Over 50 years still can continue to be the code farmers


IT seems to belong to a young industry. When you were 50 years old, but also engaged in the work of code farming


background: I’m 30 years old, but I have a group of older than I have a lot of programmers. The following is my personal opinion, not the employer.

the key lies not in age, but in the employer’s age. When you are 40, 50, or 60, employers think you want to be a project manager, architect, or chief software engineer. They also believe that your salary has increased by 5% to $10% a year over the past twenty or thirty years, and that your market value is likely to be between $50% and $100%, compared with a young man of only about 3 years.

because employers think you are younger than the young people to ask for jobs and salaries, so they will think you have a higher threshold. If young programmers don’t know the best way to work, it may not be a big problem. But if you don’t understand it, the employer will naturally wonder if your value is twice as high as that of the other candidates.

to improve this situation, you can consider the following ways:

– when a very good programmer. This is simply nonsense, but Geoff · (Jeff Dean) and Kent · (Kent Beck) such people are always easy to find programmers work. Their level is surprisingly high, but if you can reach a certain level, even if it is much lower than Geoff · Dean, no matter how old, is still easy to find a job.

– become an expert. Can be a language (Clojure, Java, C, etc.), can also be a field (data system design, algorithm design, machine learning, etc.), or even a certain kind of software (fraud detection system, the recommendation engine, etc.). Many of these technologies have been in existence for ten years, or even longer, so if you become an expert, it will certainly be sought after. But there are two warning: 1) you have to like the field, otherwise it will be very unhappy; 2) the environment will change over time, so it is best to use this as a plan for the 5 to 10 years, rather than the plan for the next 30 years. If your current professional field is out of date, explore new areas, but don’t wait until it’s really out of date.

– an open mind for some entry-level positions, especially when you’re in a new software area. If you are able to accept a moderate position and salary, certainly more than those who do not do CTO, non million annual salary is not easy to find a job. This is the role of supply and demand.

– use your own experience. Don’t be a "paid old guy", and "there are a lot of experience to become good teachers and helpful friends". Should continue to learn, and then share with you. Even though you’re still a programmer, you’re a little more than a simple programmer

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