Do not be talking about Wangzhuan process mentality

pearl must The brightness dazzles the eyes. formed after all polished to only continue to correct the shortcomings, people carry forward the advantages to success. Here don’t say what should do Wangzhuan mentality, only should not mind, how do Wangzhuan, see naturally understand.

first: impetuous

network expert countless, Baidu Tencent Ali in recent years the major media exposure of the CEOs we sought after by small owners, even competing to imitate, doing the same dream to become the expert. Dreaming when several toss, no ground for blame, the thought to become a dragon, only when a snake is not free, but still a dream flighty and impetuous, drill up, use unscrupulous divisive tactics. This does not, after all, do Wangzhuan ability needs to grasp the opportunities and the accumulation of success. At least do Wangzhuan to calm down to think clearly what techniques and steps before it.

second: wait and see


do Wangzhuan the attitude seems to be not impetuous, but the wait is nothing more than others do look first worry about personal gains and losses, and results. This kind of mentality to do Wangzhuan results often lead to Wangzhuan is expired or not, make friends to lose your confidence and do not cooperate, easy to miss the boat. Of course – at least not deceived, but must do Wangzhuan from practice and comprehensive analysis, in ancient times, before the war is not a first test each other again. It will. What do Wangzhuan do not see is not enough, always waiting for a joke.

third: when

when do Wangzhuan often miss the real money and really suitable for their own projects, or learn something not worthy. For example, do stop, do this today, the content of tomorrow, after a while that domain name is not good to go slowly and buy a bunch of domain name, the result rather than a station had people do have momentum, costly and time-consuming and laborious. If you can have the habit of summing up that love will pour it, and finally can sum up some experience, or else it will be nothing. Countless predecessors said "to" two words is very important, a little habits might make you Wangzhuan during harvest.

here temporarily only think of three more than in the process of Wangzhuan mentality, in fact is the novice friends often even is definitely there, but to varying degrees. Come to say only that it is a common phenomenon, impetuous, wait-and-see or when, in the Wangzhuan life outside is also common, if can attract attention and can be combined with the actual to solve some of the best things.

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