Grass root entrepreneurial team keep a low profile you give me the money

introduction: many people’s success is countless, deliberately plan "high-profile" accumulated out tactics. These are the same as financing, finding technology, developing products, and hiring people.

has just submitted a new version of App to Store, open the circle of friends, see some media to tone filled with righteous indignation severely criticized the Shi Kaiwen classmates, yes, he is on the line for 50 days in the life of 100 thousand users of a $100 million valuation male hybrid grass root.

that report "show a spit" is "Internet bubble", "warm male small fresh too lucky". But I like this watch is not too big to translation is, "the world is not fair ah, handsome is to get money ah, Sequoia and innovation factory are you crazy! And get ya money even, even so high-profile!".

well, that is, a lot of people is not high. Even see the circle of friends and lovers lovers, can not help but throw mouth spray "show affection die quickly!"

when I first met Shi Kaiwen in 2011, he hadn’t started doing JingFM. Later, most of the people I knew about him said, "that’s a genius". Study design and HTML5 young artists then Tinker a blockbuster product, but always.

I may be the first batch of people who tried Blink, interactive experience is not generally amazing, although Blink is not a team of returnees, but do have a very foreign technical style. My circle of friends was blink to refresh the high praise. As for a few days ago, a lot of people respond "have not received the verification code", I guess such a high-profile team, on the line just 50 days, suddenly ushered in blowout of the user, the server problem is understandable


so you see, how good the high-profile, the server has burst. Or perhaps a high-profile Shi Kaiwen strategy. Perhaps high-profile is also a lot of team survival strategy. Here I would say: "what is the reason of entrepreneurial team of high-profile"


some people think the Internet entrepreneurs should have feelings of being small fresh, do not forget the early heart, "don t be evil, Balabala. Of course, I also saw a lot of entrepreneurs are the silent type Saint Ascot, they believe that "work hard, low-key". They think that in the early days, the high-profile is evil, is dangerous, is to push the company into the devil fell and smashed to pieces in the teeth of the storm.

but you know, no matter how high or low profile, the company will die dead.

why not a high-profile birth, high-profile death, to be the next venture, financing can be easier?

why not high-profile business, so that more talent, more venture capital, earlier gathered around you, may not be >

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