What is invalid click and click fraud

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often has a new publisher to ask us the meaning of these two words, in order to help publishers fully understand their meaning and difference, we have given their definition and description.

invalid click refers to the possible increase in the amount of AdWords advertisers spending clicks, we will not charge the cost of such clicks to advertisers. This type of click includes any unnecessary clicks on the advertiser, such as second clicks in the double-click operation. There are many other types of clicks, and if we can make sure that these clicks are not from the real users who are interested in the ads, they will be classified as invalid clicks.

publishers will often be "invalid click" as "click on the ads displayed on your site". But in fact, we would like to clarify that the definition of invalid click does not consider the click of the source, it refers to any increase in the amount of advertiser spending or publisher revenue click.

click fraud is part of an invalid click, referring to a malicious or fraudulent purpose of the click, in other words, is intended to increase the advertiser’s spending or publisher’s income by way of artificial clicks. The sources of these clicks include but are not limited to the following:

• publishers click on the ads they show, or encourage others to click on the ads they display

Users of the

publisher’s family or publisher’s website click on the ads they show to help publishers get more revenue

+ includes third party programs for user incentives, such as pay per click Service and click exchange program

• auto click Tools, bots or other fraudulent clicks software

the above guidelines apply to advertising display and conversion. Cases that lead to ineffective advertising include, but are not limited to:

: refresh the web page too often or manually or automatically

• includes third party programs for user incentives, such as pay surf or automatic surfing program

• • can be used to purchase a certain amount of third party programs, such as "$10 to buy a comprehensive view of the"

please note that our policy is strictly prohibited in any way to make the human ad clicks, the number of times or conversion. You can also learn more about these areas by clicking on the faq.