The first half of the course as well as the bitterness of Amoy wise remark of an experienced person

Taobao. The simple meaning is to help the seller to promote the commodity in order to obtain the corresponding Commission. Some of the more basic problem is not much said. Was also on the list of expert at 7 days to earn thirty thousand or forty thousand. Equivalent to a month. There are also about one hundred thousand Oh!! how can not see digital blood boil ah. I earn a thousand dollars should be not what problem.

says do it. You are no less contact computer, but when it comes to Wangzhuan like. It’s really a beginner. See a lot of ways to promote. Feel the most suitable for their own is the combination of blog and bbs. It was sina. Basically a single product promotion. I also saw a lot of peer to blog, but it is basically a link one or two picture for it. It is very difficult to do so, you can copy the Taobao page profile. At least there is a product introduction. Features and user evaluation. This will be convincing. Conversion rate will increase!

blog to establish a good, it said the forum bar. I basically Baidu post bar publicity. It was in August. Stick or stick address. After a few days. Income also continued to come in. But very tired. Constant top paste. There’s no difference between robots. In this way. Earn a month thousand blocks or can. Now there are a lot of people say that Baidu post bar has been unable to paste the address. Oh, as the saying goes. There are Countermeasures under the policy. The same link appears frequently in the post bar. Baidu began to block the address. But you can change the address and then sent out Kazakhstan, as long as the promotion of the same content can be oh. Basically all addresses are blocked. A post with a link automatically delete. Some do not understand the calling it a scolding. Ha ha! For such a shield. Still some. That is to add some symbols to the address. After that, we can get rid of these symbols. This will be able to escape the Baidu " kill ". Of course, the drawbacks of less traffic. But it’s better than not posting. Now their income is not high. Is so 1500! Ha ha. Let the cattle people laughed.

after these. I will not stand for the scalp to learn. I heard that some rules and regulations have come out recently. The record to the IDC service providers, such as photography. It is a bolt from the blue oh. Our small station too hit confidence. Prior to this, they have also established a search Gallery shopping network, after all, in their own site mixed well. Not afraid of being deleted. Well, these are the bitter journey of their own way. Also want to step into the Taobao guest friends help.

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