Adsense how to make money using advertising alliance

Now the way the website makes money a lot, but it is still rely on advertising to make money. Now the advertisement in a buyer’s market, advertising is the most headache problem. Now a lot of advertising alliance, provides convenient conditions for the webmaster for advertising. But now advertising advertising owners must dragons and fishes jumbled together, eyes wide open, choose the credibility of the alliance, or not to earn money not to say, my heart still exist in the current block. The main problem is the advertising alliance:

is the credibility of the league. In general, you should choose a business qualification, is the best business license and ICP with all the advertising alliance. Some advertising alliance even telephone did not leave a Dudu, No. QQ, some also leave a phone or PHS mobile phone. Some also take small well-informed as fixed telephone and this is well recognized, and asked if they had a fax, a company will not even fax are not right.

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