Salesforce’s Do com version of the 0 yuan marketing for hundreds of thousands of users


According to the CRM

global solutions leader Salesforce’s social productivity application today announced a new version of the line online, add to your contact list, project tracking and other new features.

Do in 2011 on the line, this web application based on HTML5 prepared for small and medium enterprises to provide social production solutions. On Do, users can create, assign tasks, track projects, mark and annotate tasks on their phones and computers.

Sean, senior vice president of

·, said: "there are a lot of personal productivity applications on the market, Do is the best solution for social productivity" (Salesforce)."

updated the Do to add a lot of new features, such as contact list, task tracker, providing Android client and connect social networks, etc.. Is currently in beta, users can apply for the test.

after the new version of the official open beta, Do will have a completely free application to free value-added applications. Basic features will be free, premium features will be charged. said next month to announce the details of the specific charges.

White force said, Do currently has hundreds of thousands of users, and marketing costs for 0, many users are invited by the task allocation mechanism."

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