End of year planning 2012 failed entrepreneurial projects




2012, more and more people who went to the road of entrepreneurship. Now this time, entrepreneurship is a hot word, realize the dream, to create products, financing, listing, and other rich temptation to make a lot of people walking on the road of entrepreneurship. But the road to entrepreneurship is not all smooth sailing, this road is not all people can succeed.

can remember but is very rare, most of the entrepreneurial projects are looking forward to the breakthrough in silence. As Lu Xun said, either in silence, or perish in silence. According to 17Startup statistics, as of December 23rd at 24 points, a total of 6491 companies have been included, the number of sites have been shut down to reach the number of nearly 1/10. In these startups, both companies once glory, has since its birth has No one shows any interest in the project, the current popular e-commerce, social networking, cloud computing, also has bad street but not to see the way type.

in fact, the failure to learn the reason startups than to experience more useful, the living case more sobering. You may be in the process of entrepreneurship, has happened or the state signs. Maybe the reason some companies fail we have heard many times, but they still happen one after another.

today we will inventory for the 2012 X failed venture case. Hope that we can get some inspiration for the 2013 to establish a new goal to help.

failure reasons: blind expansion, lack of management

typical case: Mission treasure network


Groupon launched on March 2010, group purchase business first opened 368 City, the peak, a total staff of over 2300 people, with more than 20 thousand group purchase choice every day, with more than 18 million members, independent IP month hundreds of millions, tens of millions of Japanese IP, in Baidu billboard and Alexa user visits ranked tops the list. Was once the largest group buying site, but also the only one to achieve profitability in 2010 of the group buying site. We still remember in the office building in Beijing, everywhere is the treasure of the advertising network, the three spokesmen frequently appear in various places. At that time no one suspected that the group will be a big problem. At the time of the hundred regiments in full swing, each group of sites have hired spokesmen, wantonly advertising, to further expand the visibility.

however, the eve of Spring Festival in 2012, but came Groupon CEO Ren Chunlei run away. Groupon’s 30 station most have been demolished, more than 400 employees in the company but not the commitment period (January 20th) get wages and compensation payments; thousands of merchants is malicious default; 400 >.

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