The enterprise website Mo cheap let yourself suffer


this article I have long wanted to write, but because of the busy work has been dragging. But today, a customer to consult Xiao Zhang, you need to make the site, has been on the issue of price, talked about a long time, for this reason, finally quiet down today, finishing the idea. Now come and analyze, why many companies are reluctant to spend money on the production site, the final production of the site is just a display it?

count, from the construction site to contact the site up to now, has been nearly four years, and in the past four years, exposure to different levels of customers. However, some customers make websites, know what their purpose is?. To this end, after consulting the website construction company, will not bargain, will be very clear about the requirements of their web site production. This is not necessarily some customers however, with just the company production site responsible person, the boss did not understand the website, just to inform the person in charge of the budget, if the budget is 6000 yuan, but the reference site design and function of the boss is looking for more than more than 10 thousand of the price. This has repeatedly rebuffed in consultation with several website construction company.

there is also a case, the customer is not what to say, do not give what reference sites, the first sentence is, you do what price? When I put the price to inform each other, each other did not understand, why is it so expensive? I look at the people said that hundreds of pieces. I said. Our company is a big company, high cost, technical level is not the same, and now prices are on the rise, hundreds of pieces of the ten thousand sites only those personal website, using cheap template, wait until you really gave money, just know exactly where the cheap. At that time, you will feel and how to say the original is not the same, this time he will reply you a word, hundreds of dollars of things you want to customize the design, it may be


in fact, each of our industry is the existence of this problem, we all know that in addition, the brand of things, how much is the price, no counter-offer, this is sincerely convinced of the money. But for the website you all don’t understand, how much money? Really do not know, just from the surface, just a few pages, display pictures and text, need so much money? No one would have thought, what is the website of the division of labor. If it can be hundreds of pieces, more than 1 thousand can do, why not do it? Is this company’s sales is not a fool?? can money surely no one to do, the problem is fundamental to the implementation.

therefore everybody should be vigilant, do not get petty, The loss outweighs the gain. So where is the cheapest place to make cheap


alone in Shanghai, Baidu search out of the Shanghai site construction company has more than 9 thousand, but there are more than more than 8 thousand individuals and studios constitute. Because of this, the price of the site is uneven, the level of web design and technology development is not the same, >

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