9158 founder Fu Zhengjun like YY to achieve the same listing

introduction int Fu admitted that the listing is to give an account of shareholders and employees, hard years of the equity holders of the staff needs to be realized, improving life.


9158 founder Fu Zhengjun

down jacket, scarf, jeans, sports shoes, walking in the street, "no mountain, no dew". This is the Columba group CEO Fu Zhengjun, a grass root up, in the past few years, few outsiders know the bulkhead money entrepreneur, and his social online video company Columba group.

YY but with the successful landing of the U.S. stock, which rely on grass root and Indoorsman development, had not been considered into the website and entrepreneurs gradually attention. Last week, facing "question ambiguous economy", Fu int refute that his play is "grass root economy". And, he’s going to go public like YY.

talk about entrepreneurship: 22 years old so far

, now 35 years old, Fu Zhengjun, has been in business for the past 13 years. 2000 years ago, he majored in computer science, he was thinking of his own technical expertise to toss something, he first opened the bookstore on the Internet, and even do search engines.

, however, his first real venture was the establishment of the Tai Chi chain, which is China’s earliest advertising exchange alliance. Unfortunately, at that time the Internet bubble makes Fu’s team failed to survive, and finally only 12 people, venture capital to burn the light.

2005, Fu found a preserved South Korea called the "ten house video chat mode. At that time, China did not appear in social interaction video website that Fu Zhengjun inspired by ten house video chat mode, led engineers to write 9158 day in and day out, the homonym "about me".

the past 8 years, South Korea’s ten house has already died of hacker attacks. The ten house blood heir 9158 but from the "ten gun" development team to thousands of people.

misunderstanding: I dare not out door

9158 is the grassroots performing arts, love their fans around the female anchor in a virtual network of KTV private room singing, chat, spend money to send virtual gifts to female anchor.

"9158 core subscribers differentiated into two groups over the age of 35 and under the age of 20, this is very interesting, grass root number under the age of 20, but 35 years old group, a successful career, the most willing to spend money, but also have time," Fu Zhengjun said.

in fact, the grass root crowd cheering, are free to join. While a few "big spender", but for most of the revenue contribution of 9158.

will be 9158 to make money outside the model called ambiguous economy". This allows >

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