The use of holiday friends can make a sharp increase in monthly income

has today every year has today. Maybe a lot of friends received such a page read: once a year the Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, we wish you and your family members happy, saying: give roses, hand a fragrance, if you put these 10 wishes to your friends, your family will be happy 100 years


recently, XXX received celebrity friends donated a box of beautiful moon cake (called X cakes), very happy to come up with one or two to early adopters. Don’t eat not to know to eat a fright, just eat a mouthful, feeling a little wrong, found his mouth as if a paper, take out a look, a word written on it. For this, here, you see: XXX, Happy Mid Autumn Festival." Etc……..

above is my last year, a small idea, we can experiment.

I was in the first few local food field linked to the moon cake, of course, the price is still possible to me, I gave him the name of an Internet connection only a keyword.

then I called a first-class marketing network the station bought a bulk mail and other parts of the group with the use of the above content for a day, so that the Internet era. Information is money!

as for this idea, I earned more than 40 thousand yuan last year, a month, a blessing in the Mid Autumn Festival, the Internet during the Mid Autumn Festival, like a virus, like the rapid spread of. Although I can not figure out the extent and intensity of this proliferation, in the event of moon cake, the site of my daily traffic remained at around 3000. Taobao is also busy awfully, I hired 2 customer service.

typical of viral marketing, mung bean, Baidu is also so Chinese. In the selection and creation of marketing events, it is also quite obvious, but marketing is a kind of tactics, to obtain sustainable growth is dependent on the foundation, and it is on a basis of this, the user will reach the critical point of polymerization by the moon cake event detonated, viral marketing, won critical breakthrough.

here is just an example for you, you can make other packaging products, a few days ago, a friend of my customer is to learn from my thoughts and China in traditional festival in July 7, on the network to sell flowers, the 3 weeks also earned nearly 9000 yuan, you can also other packaging! Here you play it, of course there are a lot of profitable projects can contact me QQ:10303921 you can communicate with each other.

some of the best marketing strategy can achieve a similar effect, but without tipping base, excessive behavior can only be a time of noise, with the social hot debate frenzy to silence. The field of the Internet, I think the best products is the best marketing, you can find a lot of development good website is accumulated out, not money to drop out. Now >

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