Enterprise station 50% conversion rate has much value

a day 6, 7 IP enterprise website, but can receive at least 3 consulting telephone, such a site worth much?

nano calcium carbonate industry is a relatively popular industry, the search volume is very small (no Baidu index data). Perhaps it is precisely because this is a relatively small area, resulting in a very high quality of its IP. It is easy to imagine, calcium carbonate, the word, ordinary people will search it?

case address: www.jxchenyu.cn (Jiangxi Chen Yu powder products Co., Ltd.)

new station, the 20 day was included in the Baidu, while the relevant keywords have a very good ranking. From the beginning of the day, the site became a get out of hand, can receive calls every day, even order. Due to my limited level of business, so a lot of phone calls have not really become an order, it is a pity.

search engine is really a good thing, not only to create value for themselves, but also to bring profits to others. Baidu, OK! Google, OK! YAHOO, OK! The most important thing is that the nanometer calcium carbonate net will be good all the time!


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