They do this is Taobao off a monthly income of million

because of work reasons, after a lapse of nearly a week did not update, the first to pay attention to 619 of the friends of the road is not. The lifting your appetite, nonsense not say, this will give you the "decryption".

side by Taobao customers a monthly income of million friends, four or five. I often ask them for advice, hope I can come back from the ‘senior’ there Amoy little gold, it really should be a phrase of "successful people share", they basically no reservation to do Taobao customer experience told me, I will not to retain, around a bend, a figure


1, they also use the way to promote the promotion of Taobao customers, fine to gender, age and even constellation.

2, of which there are 3 in weight loss products, profits, but they are not afraid of competition.

3, 3 of them have their own small circle, accurate to say that they are good at "into the internal enemy", associating with the target consumer group, with a fat girl.

4, the 3 of them are very ‘focused’, playing the school only to play in the school, playing Qzone only play Qzone.

5, 3 of them in their own circles is a small "Reds", a lot of friends and fans, which they often out of doors, "channeling often to the various occasions.".

6, 3 of them feel good talk like, there is a called "my weight loss experience this article classification, all home page article, happy and unhappy mood mixed, Taobao pictures and guest advertising links mixed, I found that they do it is very real very successful through the comments below.

7, they told me that they often chat with friends on the QQ or text messages, they say it is a continuation of the feelings.

8, they said their Taobao customer site has been regarded as a passive profit, and recently in the hands of other projects, Taobao off the site one day less than 10 IP will have a turnover of three or four orders. I really don’t understand.

9, they told me that the premise of the transaction is trust, trust is the premise of a friend.

I think they this "into the internal enemy ‘move wouldn’t play scheming, think this is more of a marketing idea has been proved effective. Extension, Taobao in addition to weight loss drugs, there are a lot of a wide variety of products waiting for Taobao customers to sell, we can replicate this circle of friends to make friends targeted marketing ideas to promote Taobao. Popular point, rather than spend 35 days in the Taobao forum post, as well as the addition of the QQ group of one or two counterparts into the promotion of the effect of the 1 to come quickly, come on!

around four or five Taobao customers earning million friends in 3 with the above said method of playing circle directional promotion, there is a (to do the bidding of Taobao customers using search engine PPC), then introduce to you have time.

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