B2C four critical user experience

the latest survey data show: the attitude of the poor response to the consumer experience of online shopping, while 57% of the users experience very poor performance will give up the entire transaction process completely, 26% of users will go to a competitor’s site, 75% malcontents will no longer visit the site, even 27% of people will not pleasant experience to tell the people around, so the brand will cause immeasurable loss. From the survey data, the dissatisfaction of the site, 61% of the user experience is poor. It can be seen that the importance of the user experience for the development of B2C website.

what is the user experience? As the name implies, concise said that the user on the site requirements and the viscosity of the website, how to improve the user experience, is a top priority for the site, the user experience from the website about the comprehensive factors of impression, website function, website usability, web content to improve the environment, improve the user experience, reasonable to promote and improve the user experience of the site, improve the site conversion rate (the ratio of effective customer flow into the important factor). So it can be said that the user experience may be directly related to the website brand marketing value, and will have a profound impact on the website user loyalty, reputation, trust and purchase intention, conversion rate and so on.

The ultimate purpose of the

B2C shopping website is to generate an effective order. The premise is to do the traffic up, there is a general problem is that the content of the website update frequency is not high. In this case, the search engine heat is not high, and the flow can not be talked about. So should keep updating the content of the site. The following combination of Le Le site simple analysis of the B2C site in the user experience to do a few points.

page design beautiful, columns arranged in an orderly

From the overall design of the

web page, art is very simple and beautiful, the purchase process is also very simple and easy to use, allowing users to feel whole are good, so it is easy to attract new users, but also can increase the viscosity of the old users. Le Le site choose to show the new version of this forum on the location, which is a way to attract repeat customers, so that users feel that the site in the constant introduction of new products.

shopping process simple and convenient

users in the process of online shopping, in a shopping site, from the registration of new users to buy a product to order payment, the process as simple as possible, let users feel convenient, if the website function is very complex, the user wants to buy a commodity in the middle, the operation process is very troublesome, it may be because the irritability and abandon the purchase. If you want to buy the goods you can buy directly click on the site to buy, and then enter a page, the first sign to sign up to buy or buy directly. So simple and convenient.

effective guide to help center

as a web site, a user experience platform to help the center of the language seems to be an essential part of it. May be some of the primary users of the network

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