We will honor the partial payment of layoffs this week


Times News (reporter Hu Xiaohong Li Binping Yi Fan) where customers seem to be faced with hitherto unknown difficulties. Recently, there are rumors that we owed a large number of suppliers including Li Ning Co, accounts receivable, suppliers for containment was, and all passengers aged CEO blocked but pretended not locked the door in. In this regard, every guest to reporters yesterday issued a statement to the structure adjustment and move on the grounds to respond, said this week to complete the reconciliation process has been completed payment work.

wins the customer debt rumors

recently have friends broke the news, there are a number of businesses in the headquarters of the building where the containment for arrears of payment. A netizen said, "all passengers aged CEO stuck on the third floor, locked himself in the door pretending not to." There is news that Eric Lining owed millions of payment arrears, some shop money also achieved whereas the giant. And a month ago, where the customer was traced to the majority of suppliers has been more than 60 days without payment, plans to lay off nearly 50%.

however, in this case, we have spent tens of millions of students become The Voice of China clothing only authorized footwear brands, let the world confused.

yesterday, in a "locked door" in the old micro-blog issued a statement denied: "no blocked, no siege. There are partners to shake hands chat is also very good peace. Where the customer is operating normally."

said in the customer structure adjustment and move

for the payment of arrears, every guest yesterday said in a statement sent to reporters: due to restructuring, the company move on September where the customer payments, causing some delay, the company apologized, and thanks for the understanding and trust of partners. At present, the Finance Department of V+ department and the company is working overtime to expedited processing payment.

said in a statement: at the beginning of this year, we open the entrance to the V+ brand, while the establishment of joint sale, two new division together with V+ responsible for foreign investment business. After a period of testing, has now identified patterns, three business integration, unified by the V+ team responsible for all third party brand business.

For 50%

before the layoffs, we said, the V+ team has to complete all the integration work, organizational structure is clear, the scale with little change before. Due to the three business department has overlapping positions, it will cause some people to adjust the proportion of layoffs in the V+ sector around 20%.

where the vice president Liu Kaiyu also sent a long micro-blog expressed the same statement and apology said: this week to complete the reconciliation process has been completed payment work. At the same time, the business sector will coordinate docking you assigned, can complete the reconciliation of sales to verify the work as soon as possible, in order to facilitate the next step of payment.

but have a relationship with the customer’s makeup for Liu Kaiyu I said back called is completely excuse "," the contract within 60 days of payment arrears, now make-up fees for a year. The company has been in arrears when it is not moving, so move with

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