Over the years Amazon quietly turned off what services


do not think that Amazon will only sell things, do things, in fact, very powerful people.


if you’re serious about statistics, will find that Amazon Hunguo technology circles, fashion, entertainment and art circle……

why don’t you know? I summarize the specific reasons:

products have not how to meet with you, or not how widely used, it silently died;

we care about is too little.

of course, this is normal. How to say that, "not all the efforts will have results, there are some efforts will be cast to waste.

listed a year, Fire Phone phone will disappear

Amazon in June last year launched the Fire Phone.


love fan children in the previous article had a specific introduction to it, the beginning of the article title is Amazon Fire Phone: cool, but you may not buy the phone

: I did not expect a prophecy, this mobile phone sales really bleak.

then by November, love fan children and the title became "the Amazon Fire Phone sale, bare metal price of only $199".

the first sentence of the article is:

due to its poor sales and a large amount of inventory number, Amazon must carry out promotional activities for Fire Phone.

later, because sales are still not go, Fire Phone consciously disappeared in the mobile phone market. After a few months, our editor surnamed Li wrote an article: "defeat" Fire Phone "of the Amazon, the hardware of the road how to go?".

, however, Fire Phone is good, there are other projects, are quietly, quietly go.

"my sleeves, do not take a cloud".

The Verge on the heart of a reporter deliberately chose part of the service was shut down, made a map, if used to sort out the text, probably like this:

March 13, 2009: off Alexa site thumbnail service

according to 51CTO information:

Alexa site thumbnail service (Alexa Site Thumbnail) can be used by W>

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