Where’s the midlife crisis

Abstract: Eslite today, like a middle-aged, there is too much remorse for the past, the future is full of confusion.

write in front:

told me about where the early manuscript in the first half of the Sohu IT, I wanted to write "I saw every guest", but due to some executives and VANCL relationship better, ultimately did not write, even today, this article is based on the analysis of the facts.

text / Bian Haifeng

come the darkness: through the dark confusion, in order to go beyond their own from. Vintage "@

"is this encouraging me?"

this is two days ago VANCL aged CEO, with a seemingly Eslite designer at micro-blog (or other positions) dialogue. The old discourse seems with some inexplicable sentimental sentimental, is more like a vintage behind foreign made a silent cry.

The "original sin"


three years ago that heady, with $5 billion valuation, and no inventory, compared often sold out of stock Eslite, now only Eslite about 1 billion dollars and a large amount of inventory valuation. At the same time, he also faces the embarrassment of being marginalized by the market.

failed to transition to put aside Eslite platform electricity supplier, sale electricity supplier, I think the biggest reason is Eslite defeat in the product, for a clothing brand, or Internet clothing brand, the user is concerned about the details, quality and design of the product itself, rather than independent user experience (such as the distribution side of the wind etc.), nor the so-called VANCL style 1984 literati such feelings.

where the customer review once the core team members, you will find basically the original joyo.com and Jinshan’s members. In other words, are followed by Lei Jun, aged years of old comrades. The key is, there is no one who really knows the apparel business, some of them only PHP and marketing, with the majority of e-commerce (online sellers) enterprise personnel constitutes a stark contrast.

it is also for this reason, Eslite in Internet marketing, web site operators, the layout of the user experience, perform surprisingly well, far more than those of the international well-known clothing brands, especially where the customer investment in logistics, product packaging, is the user experience to a new level. The return of the product, the product control, whether it is a sense of fashion, or product quality, it is not as good as some of the Taobao C store crown sellers.

This can go on micro-blog

and other social media, search keywords on VANCL, fade, line, pilling and other clothing brands occasionally encountered quality problems, Eslite almost all accounted for. It is reported that before this year, VANCL only internal canvas shoes which a team.