How to effectively improve the success rate of buyers purchase

One big difference between

shopping online shopping and offline, online shopping on Wangwang, QQ and other online contact, and now shopping is face-to-face communication, so how to improve the online communication skills of persuasion, is crucial to the sellers. Persuasion is not high-tech. It needs to understand all aspects of human nature, which are usually automatic or work on the human unconscious. Here are 7 ways to persuade people.

1.Show others are doing to show people what other people are doing


people observe others and often imitate other people’s behavior, especially in some of the things they don’t know. This kind of psychological phenomenon is called "social proof". People feel comfortable and often make decisions based on the actions of others. They assume that others have more knowledge or know more than they do.

you are able to enhance the online social proof in the following ways:

ü show the most popular entries.

ü show "buy these customers also bought what".

ü show the best selling stuff.

ü display certificate or certificate.

besides, people do what they like to do.

2.Show user-generated reviews provides user comments

user reviews can have a huge impact on people’s buying decisions. Due to the rapid growth of Web 2 and social media, user reviews have become a necessary part of web design. Get your users to write reviews on the web site, so that they can make an overall rating of their products and services. Compared with marketers, web users are more likely to believe what they say. Reviews are especially important for travel and electronic products.

people usually need to view user reviews, and if they can’t find a comment on your site, they will go elsewhere. There is nothing to hide on the Internet, because you have to keep them on your site. Figleaves15 and UK Apple store16 do well in this area.

also, don’t be afraid of negative comments. Users will be able to sniff out a mile away if the site is "edited", so that they don’t believe anything you say. You should be ready to respond quickly to negative comments from customers, rather than deleting them.

3.Show scarcity products of show scarcity of goods

Scarcity of

generates demand and encourages people to buy faster. People want what they think