Mobile art electricity supplier is the rise of an impromptu performance

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Since 2000,

Chinese first – Guardian online art electricity supplier since the establishment of Chinese art business has gone through 15 years, from the beginning of the annual turnover of less than ten million now the overall turnover of nearly 1 billion, art business has become an important part of the art market. By the end of 2013, mobile art electricity supplier in WeChat, Taobao and other platforms began to sprout, the major art electricity supplier is also unwilling to lag behind, have announced the move into the field of mobile electricity supplier. For a time, WeChat auction group, mobile providers have released APP.

for mobile providers, there is a certain degree of debate in the industry, some industry insiders believe that mobile providers will reach even more than the traditional art art sales, has become the most important means of art marketing in the next few years. However, some people think that the time to explore the profit model and market positioning in the art electricity supplier is still, the more mobile providers just "Pathfinder", the art market really need mobile providers, mobile providers are suitable for the majority of customers art sales are the future direction of the industry need to observe.

a "brother in law" Art Carnival

Spring Festival this year, "brother art" suddenly become the most hot words in the art circle. "Brother art originates from the artistic circle" often "sister" broke the precise art, but in the mysterious "art" was the industry sister guess who is the point, "but" art brother turned out. Different from the "art of" sister "," brother art group – Shanghai hosane electronics business department director Hu Huyi began to open their own identity. This is just beginning to by celebrities to make small value for everyone to grab red envelopes, then based on this, the establishment of a "group" micro film art law. In the professional spirit of "coexistence and entertainment, art brother micro shot group" in just a few days time, held a number of works of art auction, on 73, 73 turnover, turnover rate of 100%, a total turnover of 226 thousand yuan, the highest price of 31 thousand and 500 yuan. Thus, WeChat auction brought about by the positive energy is widely concerned. Similar to "WeChat" "brother art auction, art film" and "public arts wheat micro shot group and WeChat auction also gained a good commercial effect beyond traditional channels.

Hu Lake for WeChat auction is defined by WeChat public platform, the auctioneer will auction the information and pictures uploaded to the public platform and circle of friends, focusing on the public account can reply by bidding. Different from the traditional art electricity supplier, WeChat auction has easy entry, convenience and other advantages of art electricity supplier originally, WeChat "circle of friends" is the most difficult to resolve private decision art in the transaction threshold – trust from the outset stand on a higher starting point. Hu Hu is not worried about the establishment of trust between the seller and the buyer: "we all know, rely on the credibility of the deposit is not required. "

new and old art merchants vied.